The project is built up in three phases:


1.   Pre-commercial procurement  (PCP) preparation

·       Gap analysis

·       Establishment of stakeholder group

·       Tender preparation

·       Tender release

2.   PCP tender implementation

·       Solution exploration

·       Prototype selection

·       Test product selection

3.   Sharing

·       Dissemination of results

·       Training events


The first phase – PCP preparation – will comprise all the preparatory work needed for implementing the tender. This includes analysing the requirements of the European public sector, the current market situation and the relevant standardisation landscape. In addition, an stakeholder group will be formed, comprising public authorities, standardisation bodies and industry representatives as potential tenderers. Stakeholder involvement events will be organised in each partner country and at the European level. The first phase will end with the release of the PCP tender.


In the second phase – PCP tender implementation – initial proposals for innovative cloud services are received. Solutions to be prototyped and prototypes that will become test products are selected. The final set of test products will be evaluated and assessed. Project results will be continuously discussed with the stakeholder group.


In the third phase – Sharing – lessons learnt will be formulated into best practices and recommendations for future PCP activities. This includes establishing suitable contractual terms and conditions for future cloud procurements. Guidance and training materials will be produced for industry as potential tenderers as well as for public authorities who would like to apply a PCP scheme to procure cloud services. Training events will be organised for both industry and public authorities.